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Online Poker

Why play poker online?

Online poker is now the undisputed number one medium for how the game of poker is played throughout the world. The greatest percentages of people who play poker are now doing so online within the comfort of their own homes.

Poker has gone through a revolutionary process over the past 12 years and online poker has really brought the game into the 21st century. Many of the old traditionalists refer to online poker as not being “real poker” but this view is now becoming more and more outdated. More money is wagered in a single day in online poker than in an entire year in live casino play.

So what is so special about playing online poker and why does it have such worldwide appeal? Well firstly it gives the player the chance to be able to play poker within the comfort of their own home without having to travel to a casino to do it. Millions upon millions of people the world over simply do not have the luxury to be able to get to a card room who can now play poker with people all around the world simply by turning on their computer.

Online poker also offers players the chance to play fast action and to also play as many tables as they can handle. All of this simply isn’t possible playing live and for anyone who doubts that online poker is now the undisputed king, you only have to remember that many of the tournament entrants for big live events have qualified online. The ability to be able to play poker at home and at a far greater speed than you would be able to do live has led to an avalanche of players taking up the game seriously and playing for a living.

This would not have been possible years ago when players simply couldn’t get enough action and had to travel too far in order to get it. So it literally presents you with the potential to not only change your career but to also change your life if you work hard enough. There is exactly the same mixture of games at various levels of play that you get in live play with one massive exception. This is that there are far more games to choose from and so you are never waiting too long to get into a game. If you are serious about your poker then the future is online.