Omaha Poker

Omaha is a four card version of hold’em and this makes it one of the most exciting forms of poker available to the poker player of today. If you struggle to find a good starting hand in hold’em then Omaha may just be for you.

Omaha is rapidly turning into one of the most popular forms of poker online. It is essentially almost like playing Texas hold’em with four cards because there is a three card flop, turn and river just like in hold’em. There are betting rounds pre-flop, on the flop, turn and river also like in hold’em.

The main differences between Omaha and hold’em games are in how your hand is comprised. In Omaha you are dealt four starting cards and you must use two cards and precisely two cards from your hand and any three from the board to make a typical five card poker hand. This aspect of the game confuses many players who believe that they have a strong hand in the same way that they would in hold’em. For example if you take a hand like Kc-10s-9h-8d and you see a board of Ac-Ah-6d-8c-8h then you do not have a full house like you do in hold’em.

Remember that you have to use two cards from your hand and three from the board. Because of the fact that more cards are dealt to each player then this makes Omaha a very positional game and in many ways even more so than hold’em. Omaha is rich in subtlety and variety and can be played like hold’em in a pot limit or limit format although it isn’t played in a no limit setting. Many players prefer the cut and thrust of an Omaha tournament over cash games and Omaha tournaments are becoming more and more popular.

Many experienced players prefer Omaha to any other form of poker and this is testament to the games popularity where a skilful player can really gain a meaningful edge over their competition. There are full ring and six handed cash games available at Omaha and so there is plenty to choose in terms of game selection. Omaha also provides a fast, exciting and dynamic alternative to hold’em and if you should ever consider changing what game you play then Omaha may just be a great second option for you.

Remember though that if you are a new player to Omaha that because you have four starting cards instead of the two in hold’em that the average winning hand is far stronger and you need to adjust accordingly.