Stud Poker

Stud Poker is the collective name for many various types of poker of which some of them represent forms of the game that were in existence during the 19th century and so appeal to the type of player who likes add a little romance to their online poker experience.

You will no doubt have seen Stud poker games in any of their multiple variations in movies or on television programs. Movies like “The Cincinnati Kid” for example showed the game of Five Card Stud. As in all Stud games the player is dealt a series of cards that are both face up and face down.

This in some ways is similar to other games like Texas hold’em where the player is dealt two cards face down which are theirs and theirs only and a maximum of five communal cards in the middle. Well you still get face up and face down cards in all variations of Stud Poker. Stud Games also have other important differences to games like hold’em and Omaha in so much that they do not have the same importance regarding position that the other two games have. This is because of the simple rules of the game that dictate that the highest visible hand begins the betting on each round of play.

As in other forms of poker then any down cards in Stud are referred to as “hole cards” and there are many different variations of the game. The most common Stud game at the moment is Seven Card Stud which is a variation on Texas hold’em with each player making their best five card poker hand from seven cards available. The big difference is that in Seven Card Stud then each player is dealt their full complement of seven cards individually without any communal board cards.

There are other fascinating variations of Stud as well like the already mentioned Five Card Stud for example. As in most other forms of poker, the more possible betting rounds that there are tend to favour a limit and pot limit betting system simply to restrict the maximum potential pot size. Games like Seven Card Stud for example also introduce different skills to games like hold’em as you also need to remember which of your opponent’s cards have been discarded from the players who have exited from the hand. Having a good memory in Seven Card Stud is certainly a very useful skill to have in that form of poker.