Texas Hold'em Poker

Texas Hold’em Poker

Texas hold’em is the most popular form of online poker in the world and millions upon millions of people play the game every single day. It is a game that is simple to learn but rich in subtlety and skill.

If you have seen poker on television or read about poker then there is a very high chance that you have already encountered Texas hold’em. This game is a variation on Seven Card Stud and is played with two cards dealt exclusively to each player followed by several rounds of betting. The first betting round (pre-flop) is based on each player only having viewed their two starting cards.

The second round of betting (the flop) is where three communal cards are placed in the middle and these new cards can be used by all the players to make their hand. This facet of Texas hold’em makes the game fast, exciting and unpredictable which appeals to many. The next round of betting is called the “turn” with the final round being the “river” and it is only after the final card has been dealt and the final round of betting is finished that the winner is declared unless of course, all of the players have previously folded leaving a winner earlier in the hand. Just like in all forms of poker you can play Texas hold’em in many ways including cash games and tournaments.

This poker game can be played in a no limit format which has become very popular in recent times. However Texas hold’em isn’t just played in only one way and limit hold’em is also a very popular form of the game along with pot limit hold’em. The action is fast and furious and you also have the option to play full ring tables, six handed tables or even heads up if that is your wish. Because this form of poker is so universally popular then you will never be short of action playing Texas hold’em.

The basic rules and strategy can be learned in a very short space of time but you can pick and choose how high you want to play. There are stake levels starting from micro-stakes and progressing all the way up to and including high stakes poker for the more skilful and the more adventurous. Tournament play also gives you the opportunity to play for significant and life changing sums of money and tournaments are starting constantly with a wide range of buy in levels.