Play more tables in online poker and boost your bottom line

In online poker you can play as many tables as you can handle. Wouldn’t it be great to simply be able to beat more low stakes opponents at the same time simply by getting to play more tables with them? Of course it would, but in order to do so you need to become a better multi-table player.

Multi-table - Is it right for you?

There is no point in playing eight tables simply because you have read or heard of someone else doing it. Remember that you are supposed to be playing more tables in an effort to make more money and not to lose it faster. So before you start playing more tables then you need to be sure that you are up to the task. Better to be playing one or two tables very well than very poorly on eight tables in online poker.

Ask the right questions

You will need to ask yourself a series of questions to highlight whether or not multi-tabling is right for you. For example whenever you play online poker then do you struggle with your decisions in the time allowed? If you are always timing out whenever you play one or two tables then playing more would be suicidal. The next question to ask is if your game is good enough to handle more tables?

Are you beating your level?

You need to be at least breaking even at a certain level to even consider moving up in online poker. With sign up bonuses and player rewards then online poker players can make money while breaking even on the actual tables themselves. Remember that you are not only playing poker faster when you play more tables in online poker but your decisions will be faster and will thus be technically worse.

You have to compensate for making slightly worse decisions by being much better than your opponents. To even consider playing many tables then you have to have a considerable edge over the average field.

Keep it simple

Whenever you multi-table in online poker then what you are doing in effect is trading quality for quantity. This trade off should work if you handle it right. For example a player that was making say 5bb/100 hands playing one table may only make 3bb/100 hands playing four tables. But if they are seeing four times as many hands per hour and playing 100 hands per table per hour then suddenly this players earn rate has risen sharply from 5bb/hour to 12bb/hour.

In order to play multiple tables well in online poker then you need a much more simplified way of playing. This means that you need to play in such a way so as to not leave yourself with difficult decisions post flop.

A recent example

One hand that I played recently highlights a very important concept in online poker. It was folded around to the cut-off that raised to 3.5bb in a NL100 Texas hold’em cash game. I three bet on the button to 11bb and everyone folded and I made 5bb in profit before the flop. It was simple but effective but calling the raise is going to mean that I will have to face far more complex decisions on the flop and beyond. This is not good when you are having to manage many online poker tables at the same time.