Expert advice for better no limit Texas hold’em poker

Back in the old days of online poker then players would often limp in with speculative hands in games like no limit Texas hold’em cash games hoping to make a big hand on the cheap. However when the online poker games became much more aggressive then attacking these “weak limps” became the norm. In fact a common term used to describe this was the “limper’s tax”. You simply raised the limper and took the pot away from them post flop when they failed to connect.

Times change

Nothing ever stands still of course in the world of online no limit Texas hold’em poker and times definitely do change. For example players become better and more educated and so your opponents are aware of what you are doing when you raise a limper. This goes for if your opponent is the limper or simply a player to your left. Also more and more players then started limping with big hands that they were certainly not going to fold to a raise.

A little more sophistication

These days in the no limit Texas hold’em cash games then you simply cannot raise the limpers with any two cards. Not only will this get noticed more easily but it will also make it more difficult for you to get away with other forms of stealing both pre-flop and post flop. So a little more sophistication is needed pre-flop and you need to reduce your ranges to a level that makes your strategy believable. Also if you get called then a hand like K-10s would have much greater equity against a 30% range than a hand like 9-5 off-suit.

Raising normally

If there have been limpers in the pot then there is a pretty strong case for simply raising normally in the same way that you would had the action been folded around to you. Some no limit Texas hold’em professionals adjust slightly by using the same ranges for one seat further out which means that the range that they normally open with on the button, they would raise with from the cut-off if there has been a limper. Quite often in no limit Texas hold’em there is “dead money” in the form of players that have posted a blind the first time they enter the pot.

Better players know your game

Obviously these players are entering the pot with totally random holdings and when they check then they are basically saying that they have no hand. You have probably done the exact same thing yourself when you posted a blind in position only to then see the 9c-3d looking back at you. It then gets folded around to you and you check and then the button raises and everybody folds. You may know that the buttons range is very wide but you simply cut your losses because you just don’t want to play a garbage hand out of position. Stronger opponents in no limit Texas hold’em will spot what you are doing but punishing limpers has to be done with care because of two factors. Firstly the limper may not be all that weak in the first place and one of the players to your left could either be prepared to play back at you or holding a hand that they will either call the raise or 3/bet with.