Poker is a Complex Game - and we just LOVE it!

The main reason why I love poker so much is because it is so wonderfully complex. I don’t think that the true level of complexity is fully appreciated by anyone who plays poker. Even when you know the game to a very high level then there is still a greater level of understanding still to be discovered. The online poker game is evolving and evolving very quickly. In many aspects then the game has evolved and many of the players who were playing for a living a few years ago have suffered.


 Complex but good chances to win


However this does not mean that poker players cannot make very good incomes from online poker, far from it. But you do have to be able to evolve with changing conditions. If you think about this for a moment then it is clear that there are strong similarities with other areas. Any complex field or area constantly evolves and this is where I think an awful lot of players struggle because once a player finds a way to win then it can be very difficult to prize them away from that style.


Many poker players stay with a losing style of play that was once successful until they eventually lose substantial amounts of money. But there is no point in blaming the site or crooked games or anything else. If you lose for prolonged periods of time or you are not making money for prolonged periods then you only have yourself to blame. It is a bit like a business that goes bust and the business owner then blaming economic conditions. Having poor economic conditions is not good for already successful businesses but saying that this is the reason for a business failing totally is wrong. This is an excuse not a reason.


The best business people survive during these periods. It is the same in the stock market. Some people made millions and absolute fortunes shorting the markets during the famous 1987 crash. Likewise in economic recessions, if they were as bad as many people make out then why do loads of people still thrive and become millionaires during these periods? Online poker is the same and the game is so complex that whatever the climate there is still room for creativity and you can still find ways to make money.


But simply hoping for the best is hardly a well conceived plan and any business plan allows for tough times. I may not be the most naturally gifted poker player in the world but I do know how to survive and to survive means adaptation and not stagnation. It is the same with any environment and the human race had to adapt once upon a time because of the ice age in order to survive.

Fortunately for us, poker is complex enough to give us the opportunity to survive and for that I am very thankful for that.