Employ continuation betting to gain an edge over your opponents!

The continuation bet, or c-bet, is a bet made post-flop by the pre-flop raiser. A No-Limit Texas Hold’em player who raises pre-flop is more likely to make a bet post-flop, or continuation bet. As many players will miss flops, their continuation bets will probably be bluffs. It is good practice to mix it up with c-bets – because you want your confuse your opposition.

How the Continuation Bet Works

As an example, let’s say that a player has a Queen/King and chooses to raise, then the flop comes with a 8/Ace/10. In this case, a continuation bet will be a bluff. If the player chooses to make a continuation bet, this may help the player take the pot against his/her opponent who holds a 5/5 as the opponent would prefer to call the flop.

Do Not Be Predictable

Players who raise before the flop are expected to make a continuation bet. Because it is expected, it is worthwhile to be unpredictable. When you always bet post-flop when you have raised pre-flop, even if it is not a bluff, your alert opponents will notice and will start raising, and even bluffing, to take the game from you.

When you raise before the flop, there is an expectation that you will make a continuation bet. Most of your continuation bets will be bluffs because there is a greater chance that you will miss flops rather than hitting them. It is necessary to put some thought into the quality of your hand and strategy before you choose to make a continuation bet.

Be Mindful of Your Continuation Bets

It is not always in your best interests to make continuation bets. If you are battling against 1 or 2 players a c-bet could help you take the pot. The c-bet is also favorable to use when you have flops like 2 of Clubs/7 of Spades/K of Hearts as this uncoordinated flop won’t help you hit a flush or straight and your opponent is probably not going to hit anything either. Additionally, making a continuation bet against a tight player who is likely to fold to a bet is advantageous to you. Further, it is not recommended to make a c-bet if you are playing against 2+ players. Or if there is a coordinated flop like a 10 of Hearts/9 of Hearts/8 of Hearts, or if you are playing against an aggressive and cunning opponent, then avoid the c-bet. Even if it is consistent with your betting actions, it’s a great tool to use but use it sparingly.