Your four greatest weapons in no limit holdem cash games

In online no limit hold’em and no limit hold’em cash games it pays to know what your four greatest weapons are at the table, and how best to utilize them and what their weaknesses are in certain situations.
It is always useful to have a weapon in combat but simply having a weapon does not automatically mean that you are going to win the battle. You may feel confident going into a battle holding a machine gun but what if your opponent was driving a tank? Clearly then you have the worst of it in this situation and in poker then you have four key weapons at your disposal and it pays you to know what they are and when you can use them.


Position is discussed more in no limit hold’em literature than possibly any other aspect of the game. Position is a great weapon to have but you also need to respect the fact when you don’t have this weapon. This is because position is a weapon that gets passed around the table because if you don’t have the weapon then by sheer definition some of your opponents do. Position helps to save and make you money in so many different ways and not having position means that you are going to be betting and checking in situations blindly. So you need to utilise your position more often but take care not to abuse this weapon because there are other weapons that are a vital part of the battle as well.

Chip stack

If you are a good deep stacked player then your chip stack can be a very effective weapon. However this is one of those weapons that can diminish in value if the environment changes! This is sort of like having a gun as a weapon but then being underwater with it. Clearly in this new environment then the gun is no longer able to be used optimally. Likewise with your chip stack because technically weaker players can be sitting there with minimum stacks and the other big stacks may have skill levels comparable to yours.
So your chip stack is not always the weapon that you think it is but this is the key criteria for any kind of weapon, it is only of maximum use if the conditions are optimal for its use.

Hand Strength

This is another factor that is hazy because we can only define probable hand strength most of the time and not actual hand strength. We can look at a hand like QQ and deduce that this is a very strong hand. But that statement needs to be redefined because it is only a very strong hand based on the probability of what it is facing. It would clearly be a very weak hand if AA or KK were out there against you. Because this weapon is not clearly defined then it leads to many players overusing this weapon and they frequently get themselves into trouble.

Playing skill

Having weapons is of little use if you are unskilled in their usage. Exponents of weapons like swords, bows, knifes, guns etc. are all very skilled in how to use them and this adds to the effect that the weapon has. A master swordsman can be deadlier than another man holding a gun. But once again this is a hazy skill because you do not know most of the time how skilful your opponents are and how their skill level measures up with that of yours. All of these weapons correlate with each other and this is why online poker is such a difficult game to play.