Greed is good

I watched a movie for the first time the other day called “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas. This was pretty amazing seeing that the film came out in 1987 and that I am fascinated by financial trading and study it frequently. I know that this movie took something of a slating as not depicting real life but the speech that the main focal point of the film (character Gordon Gekko) makes is that “greed is good” and that resonated with me. This does not mean that greed itself is good, but if you have aspirations of making money playing poker then you need to do two things.

Firstly stop being greedy and secondly you then become the one who takes advantage of greedy people. So the title of this article needs a little clarification because greed is certainly not good in some instances and greed in poker can and does lead to players jumping in when they are not knowledgeable enough or experienced enough to know what they are doing. So in this instance then greed is very bad but then again it isn’t because it may be bad for you but it is good for someone else who is taking money from you.

Many people play online poker for enjoyment but that is dwarfed by the number of people who do it for money. When people do something for money then the emotion that often underpins it is greed. Many people are coming into online poker because they have seen it on television and they see people winning large amounts of money and they want to do the same. So greed is a negative emotion but yet this is what the poker industry feeds on and the gambling industry in general. Therefore it really shouldn’t be seen as a negative but a positive because if you want to have an online poker environment at all then greed is essential for success.

So greed is an essential requirement then for the existence of online poker and once you accept this for what it is then online poker no longer becomes the negative environment that you perceive it to be. It is merely another outlet for people all over the world to exercise doing something what they really want to do and that is to amass more money than what they currently have. There is no doubt that online poker gives people the opportunity to amass money and if you prepare well enough then it can often lead to life changing sums of money.

By life changing then I am not necessarily referring to huge sums of money either. Something can be relatively small and it still have an impact on your life. If you do not have any spare money after bills and other expenses and online poker gives you $1000/month then this amount of money will change your life. Not in terms of financial security but in terms of being able to afford luxuries.