Helping Yourself In Poker

When you look throughout the world of sport and games then it is clear that some of them are more demanding than others on a psychological level. This is why individual sports like tennis and golf are more pressurised than say football and cricket. It is possible for an individual to play badly within a team environment and it still not affect the overall result. In fact gross mistakes can be covered up by team mates who are playing well and covering up for your mistakes and blunders. Also if you were playing badly in a sport like football or rugby for example then you could easily be substituted and so essentially you are cushioned to a large extent.

But in individual sports then you are on your own and even if you had a coach then they still cannot play for you. Well poker is an individual game and there is an old saying that you may be aware of and it is “don’t become the leader of the gang that is out to get you”. You only have one friend around the poker table and this is yourself. There are no innocent people in a poker game because at the end of the day everyone is playing the game to make money. I am sure that many people think that they play for entertainment but I have never been convinced by that argument.

At the end of the day people play for money and so everyone is trying to win your money. If you do play for entertainment then entertainment comes from winning and so they are linked. This is why anything you do that leads to a detraction of your playing ability whether it be permanent or temporary is not good for your poker game. There are many things that you can do that are negative with regards your earn rate. I will refrain from discussing tilt because that is obvious but there are many things that a poker player can do which harm them.

For example let us say that you are ahead by $450 for a session and you try to make it to $500 for the session simply because you have never had a $500 winning session. If doing this means that you start playing when you are tired or you start to become too aggressive trying to reach this self imposed target or too defensive then your optimal earning potential is reduced. What you should be striving to do if at all possible is to look at poker as if it is all one big long game.

There is an old saying that says that we are all three different people, the person who we think we are, the person who other people think we are and the person who we really are. Well this applies to poker as well because you are never quite the poker player that you think you are.