The tactics for six max limit hold’em poker success

In six handed limit hold’em then it is mainly about aggression and you need to fight very hard for the pots that you play.

Let us say that you are about to play in a $2-$4 limit hold’em game that is six handed. If each player were to win their fair share of pots then each of the six players would win around 16-17% of the pots that they played. However this can be manipulated somewhat if you happen to get games where some players are either superior or more aggressive than their opponents!

One of the key factors that needs to be taken into consideration in limit hold’em is the concept of dead money. Let us say that it gets folded to the cut-off and they raise with Ac-9d. We have Q-J on the button and putting this hand into PokerStove shows us that we have around 43% equity in this hand against a hand like A-9. However that is looking at the hand incorrectly because we need to assess our equity against their range and that comes out to around 47% if they have a 40% range which many players have in six max from the cut-off.

Re-raise rather than call

Here is where you need to re-raise rather than call because you have a playable hand. But you also have position and the initiative as well. If the blinds fold then that is another bonus because it means that $3 has been added to the pot by players who cannot compete for it after they have folded. If you have better position coupled with the initiative and if you are a better player to boot then you can be +EV in this situation! In six handed limit hold’em then you can also use your position to your advantage by taking free cards if you need them.

For example let us say that you three bet to $6 and the blinds fold but the raiser calls. The flop comes K-8-7 and your opponent checks. There is $15 in the pot and you can make a c-bet here or you can check as you don’t really have much. However against perceptive opponents then you will certainly have to change your betting lines. This is where you need to watch your opponents very closely and see what particular lines they favour and with what types of hands.

Mould your strategy around your opponents

You can simply mould your strategy against that of your opponents. For example if you are facing a very aggressive opponent then you can use your opponent’s aggression against them. If they raise from the button then you have the option to call from the big blind. If you have seen this player bet all three streets with nothing then you can call down with any pair and even ace high on many boards. As you move on up through the levels then you will need to be aware that your opponents will be very aggressive indeed. They will raise and re-raise every single street as if they are holding the nuts on every single hand that they play. This is something that you are going to have to combat if you play at higher levels like $3-$6 and above. You need to know not just if your opponent is aggressive or not but how they are aggressive. Most players will show a bias towards favourable lines that they like. For example some players like to check-raise the flop more than leading out on all three streets. You need to know if your opponent prefers certain lines and how much they balance these lines if at all.