Making money from playing online poker

I have long maintained that more players could be making money from online poker simply by scaling down their goals and ambitions and becoming more realistic with their poker. I have mixed with people who loved to talk about the poker that they had been playing and when you hear these people talk then what they are trying to achieve on a subconscious level is quite revealing. When some players talk in a certain way about playing in this 100k event or that $1k buy-in event then in my mind they are talking up their own poker playing in many instances.

Saying that you have played in a $250k event sounds better than telling someone that you were playing $0.25-$0.50 no-limit hold’em last night! But yet a serious player at NL50 could be multi-tabling and playing as many as sixteen tables for all these people know and earning well in excess of $50/hour. Contrast that to the tournament “player” who maybe plays 100 tournaments a year both online and live who has struggled to get back their initial investment and is still waiting for the big life changing win.

I always think that the perspectives of many people who set out to play poker could be wrong. If a tournament player won $120,000 by winning a big event then they would deem this a life changing sum of money. But yet a multi-tabling cash game player who was making $60/hour and playing 40 hours a week would be making $2400/week which is approximately $120,000/year. This is the same as the tournament player who has made his “life changing” pick up but yet the cash game pro is going to get this “life changing” pickup every year.

The game player vs. The tournament player

Obviously the cash game player will play more hours at around 2000 hours per year compared to the tournament player who may be only playing around 500 hours. But this is where the consistent money is in online poker, the accumulation of small edges and small amounts of money that make something substantial. I have always thought that to make poker into a profession with the least fuss possible involves not only playing cash games but also multi-tabling them and scaling down your goals and dreams and then building them back up again brick by brick.

Most online poker players do not like variance but yet they pursue it in the way that they play. Tournament has wicked variance as does higher limit ring games. But yet multi-tabling the limit that you are currently at instead of moving up is a serious and viable option for players these days and one that I would serious consider chasing. If your dream is to make poker a career then you are going to need security of income each and every month and that is important. It is going to be important with regards to your family to see regular income coming in each and every month as that helps to relieve the pressure of playing poker for a living.