The danger in reading poker books

So many kinds of poker books

I have read literally more poker books than I can care to remember and most of them I have read numerous times or at least I did with the ones that were good. There are many poker books in this world, some that are first class, some that are mediocre and some that are just downright bad. But putting aside the bad ones and the mediocre ones for a minute (not going to get into naming titles) then it is clear that all poker books suffer from one huge flaw. In fact this does not just apply to poker books but any written or recorded poker material that you happen to read, see or hear.


Poker always changing, books doesn’t

The problem with poker books is that once they are written then they cannot be unwritten. So what has been put into print today will more than likely be in print in the same format in ten years time, twenty years time or more unless there has been an updated version. The problem is that in all that time then the poker world is constantly developing and changing. This leaves the book however well written in severe danger of becoming old and dated and in a situation where much of the strategies that is in the book is no longer applicable.


The vague nature of the poker books

But this is not the only danger in reading poker books and another factor behind why many people struggle with even the best books is one of interpretation. If you had the author sitting beside you in your front room then you could ask them to explain a certain concept more clearly. But you are left to your own devices somewhat on reading a book and often there is a clear danger that you think you have understood something fully when you haven’t or you misapply what you have read to the wrong situation.


This is very common and a big problem when you try to read books of this nature and then apply what you have read. There are many fields where reading old books would still leave you with first class knowledge that is just as applicable today as it was years ago or even hundreds of years ago. Unfortunately as is the nature of any fast moving environment then data and information becomes almost unusable after a while.


Who is the author?

So we have two clear dangers here in the information that is in poker books, we have the problem with the data ageing and also the problem with the reader not properly interpreting what they read. We could also look at other problems as well and another problem could be one of the authors not properly explaining what they are trying to say. All this is before we even get into the subject of whether or not the author is qualified to write a poker book or not. Although strictly speaking you do not need to be a world class player to write one, all you have to be is better than a certain number of people who are reading it.