The poker challenge methodology

Commitment to the Challenge

I kick started my $100-$10,000 poker challenge yesterday after only playing 15 hours so far this month due to moving house. I won again which took the bankroll to over $1100. I want to pass on what I have learned in this challenge and most of that is to do with knowing yourself and how you will react to certain things. I really feel that I was not the best person to do this. About two years ago I decided to do a similar challenge but this time I was trying to go from $1000 to $100,000.

Isolating the problems

I climbed to 14k before terminating it through a lack of time and it felt wrong to do it over too long a time frame. So I know that I can take 1k to 14k and is why I know that I will now make 10k from $1100+. But starting from $100 is a different proposition mentally or at least it was for me. This is why you must always be subjective with the advice that you read irrespective of who is imparting it.

Solutions wait around the corner

I simply found that playing too low wasn’t keeping my head in the game and with only $100 then I started in the $0.01-$0.02 games which had a maximum buy-in of $4 of which I always bought in for the $4. Those games seem light years away now that I am playing NL50 with $50 buy-ins. In fact I cannot physically remember how I made the money at that level. I tried the best that I could to stay focused and disciplined but what under pinned everything was the bankroll management that I had in place.

This allows you to play very badly and still be in the game. I had 20 buy-ins at all times except when I slightly broke that rule when I switched to NL50 which I felt was necessary as I was mentally crumbling due to playing so low for so long. But please be aware that I have not played good poker in this challenge all the time although I am doing so now. However that is to do with me taking what is rather a drastic step and multi-tasking while I am playing.

My Poker challenge future

This usually isn’t recommended and I am certainly not recommending it to anyone but it has helped me to stop spewing money by giving myself a second focus. So even though I have played full-ring games and not six handed games, my main strategy now is to play poker in such a way as to give myself time to do something else. If I were playing four tables at six max then I simply couldn’t do this. I would not have the time to do other things which would essentially mean that I would have to concentrate on doing something that I do not want to do and that is to play low-stakes poker. So I am pleased with how the challenge is going but it has certainly been my bankroll control that has been the vital factor in me making this money.