Six max limit texas hold’em poker advice from the pros

Six max limit Texas hold’em is all about boom……boom……boom! You simply fight very hard for the pots that you are in. Doing this means that you will incur large swings but this is the nature of limit Texas hold’em. To show you what I mean then we will look at a typical $10-$20 ring game here as an example. It is folded around to the cut-out who makes it $20 to go.

Isolation with position

You are sitting on the button with the 8c-8d and you obviously want to play this hand against a wide range of a cut-off raiser. The typical raiser in six max limit Texas hold’em may be open rising with as much as 40% of their total range from the cut-off. So your pocket eights would have around 58% against that range. Even relatively tight players will open at least 25% and you still have 53% equity against that range. So you three bet to get the hand heads up and hopefully drive out the blinds.

Collect the dead money

The $15 in blind money is very important in limit Texas hold’em. This means that you can take hands that are actually slightly inferior against your opponents holding and they will be +EV because of the dead money in the blinds! So your goal is to get the hand heads up with position against a single opponent.

The obvious plan

However in six max limit Texas hold’em the isolation play is a rather obvious one these days and so the blinds will call or even four bet much more frequently. When a big blind four bets then they are actually trying to make the same isolation play that you were. You made it $30 to go and the big blind made it $40 to go. The original raiser will probably call the re-raise but if they may fold the bottom part of their range to this line. This means that there will be $25 in dead money in the pot. This is the $20 from the original raiser and the $5 from the small blind because for $10 more then you will surely call. So more blind players will call the three bet these days or even four bet cap it!

The process of events

You need to be willing to go to war in six max limit Texas hold’em these days. In this hand example then the original raiser was raising to gain position and hopefully fold out the small blind and gain a little dead money. You re-raised to gain position and even more dead money from the two blinds. The big blind however knew what you were both up to and decided to thwart your plans. This process doesn’t happen at the low stakes levels in six max limit Texas hold’em but it will certainly happen at the higher levels.

So in this hand example then if the big blind capped the betting and the original raiser calls then you can not only call but you need to be willing to fight for the pots post flop as well. This and only this will help you beat the limit games at the higher levels.