The single table SNG blueprint for success

Develop a basic strategy

Just like in blackjack you will need a basic strategy to play SNG’s. This basic strategy allows you to run on a track that you know is sound in times of difficulty. That basic strategy is to play tight during the early stages and then loosen up during the latter stages. A few years ago players were so bad in SNG’s that this alone was enough to ensure profits at many levels. However the players became better and they toughened up somewhat! This basic strategy will help you when multi-tabling and give you a track to run on.

Practice strict bankroll management

To play any sort of poker without pressure then you are going to need to have a bankroll of some sort. I would advise more buy-ins rather than less as it simply removes the pressure from you when you play. So my advice is to have 50 buy-ins for your level and move up when you have 50 buy-ins for the next level. So to play $5 SNG’s then I would have at least $250 and would not play $10 games until I had at least $500 and so $250 in winnings. Also if you lose money then you need to be prepared to move back down as well. Higher levels may be too tough for you to beat and constantly moving up and having to move back down is a sure sign that you may need to stay at that lower level.

You owe it to yourself to play higher levels for one simple reason and this is to do with the amount of money that you stand to gain compared to what you could lose. You could play at levels where you could make $50k a year from SNG’s but how could you possibly know this if you never moved up beyond your level and was making $5k year? So a couple of thousand dollars in speculation is worth the risk as long as if that risk goes wrong that you are still very much in the game.