The Six Steps for SNG Poker Tournaments Success

There are basically six steps that you need to follow to ensure profits at the low stakes levels of SNG’s and I will present those here in this article. Knowing and following all of these will not lead to automatic profits at higher levels but I am trying to show you how to make money here, not get rich.




You basically have it good on because it is the home of some of the best poker games online at this time and it has always been that way for some time. Site selection has always been a critical component for winning money just like casino selection would be in live poker. You could hardly expect to make money frequenting casinos with games that had tough players in them could you.




While playing multiple tables isn’t necessary to make money from SNG’s it is necessary if you want to make meaningful money from them. Learning to multi-table will lower your dollars earned per SNG but should increase your dollars won per hour. So there is a very serious trade off here but it is more than worth it and investing in a bigger monitor may just be one of the best things that you ever did.




I have always been a big believer in the term “horses for courses” and by that I mean that some forms of poker simply do not suit certain people. Playing SNG’s all the time can become very repetitive and I should know because I played 700 of them once upon a time in a very short space of time. I never found them much of a challenge and much preferred the complexity of no-limit ring games. So if you are the type that gets bored easily then you may find that SNG’s are not for you so tread with care.




There will be many good coaches out there and for me one of the best things to come out of watching coaching videos is that it feels like you have your own personal trainer so to speak



This is especially the case if you watch training videos by the same player although if you are going to pay for something then do make sure that they have a track record of success.



5.     LEARN ICM


ICM or Independent Chip Model is key to taking your game beyond that of the novices and recreational players. There are software tools on the market that will make this process easier and it isn’t difficult to find them. But you will need to become very adept at what is called “Push-fold” poker and a thorough grasp of ICM theory will do just that.





Put simply then you need to avail yourself of all of the disposable rewards and bonuses that the poker site offers you. Be alert to ongoing bonuses and free rolls as these too will add to your earn in the long term. You could easily pick up some free dollars cashing in some free roll event and so keep your eyes open for these things.