The great big poker trade off

In poker as in life then you are in a constant process of trading. This is why poker has more similarities with trading than any other major profession in my opinion. I have made an in depth study of financial trading over the years and so I have enough knowledge in this area to be able to see the strong comparisons with poker. In life you face situations everyday that involve trading. If you go to your local shop and buy yourself a sandwich then you are trading money for food. The reason why you are trading is because at that particular moment in time then you see more value in having the food than the money in your pocket simply because you are hungry.

So both the seller of the food and the purchaser gain from the trade. We go through life trading and if you purchase a motor car then you are trading money for a motor vehicle. At that particular moment then you see more value in owning the vehicle than keeping the money. The same principle applies to buying shares. When you purchase shares then you are seeing more value in owning the shares than keeping the money in your account. This will be because you anticipate a rise in the price of the shares.

Where are the trades in poker?

There are constant trades at work in poker as well but one thing that needs to be underlined is that it is virtually impossible to go through a single day without trading one thing for something else. So what exactly are you trading in poker? Well firstly when you sit down to play then you are immediately trading your time for the opportunity to make money or to entertain yourself. That in itself is a trade but you also need to trade in the game itself. This is where many really tight players get their strategy wrong because they are not prepared to trade very much or in some cases anything at all during the game.

Speculate to accumulate

In the act of playing poker then you are often speculating to accumulate. In years gone by then it was possible to make money playing online by taking very little risk. However this simply isn’t the case now as your opponents on the whole are making far fewer mistakes. This is where you need to get your trading caps on and think more like a trader because you need to trade something to extract money from your opponents. In tight deep stacked cash games or in tournaments then the trade usually involves risk.

In tournaments then your reward for taking risk doesn’t always show itself in any one individual tournament. You may have to wait for numerous tournaments before the strength of your strategy and your trade offs shows itself. In cash games then the players who make the most money or who make money at all are the ones who are the most active when it comes to trading one situation for another and skilled players do this very well.